Victoria Puppy


Victoria took her robe off as she stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom and checked out her perfect, naked body. She tried on some bra and panty sets she had recently bought and loved how they looked on her lithe, sexy body. The feel of the soft, sensual materials against her skin really turned her on so she took her panties off and grabbed her dildo. Right there, in front of the mirror so she could watch herself, she rubbed her clit and fucked her tight pussy with the toy. The leggy babe took her bra off and moved over to the bed where she started on her back but quickly moved to her stomach with her tight ass stuck in the air so she could rub and fuck her incredibly tight pussy from behind. Moving up so she was propped up on her pillows, she used both hands on the toy at once to get a lot of traction and pressure so she could rub her pussy with such friction she couldn’t hold out any longer and came like an earthquake.


Date: June 5, 2019

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