Venux Lux – Venus Plays Country Girl in a Warm Meadow


Sometimes a girl needs a break from being goddess and sex icon to her fans, to just lie back in a sunny meadow with a cigarette and a picnic blanket. Relaxing and just feeling the warm air caress my skin, I unbutton my flannel shirt and let my soft round titties absorb the clean air, sun and nature vibes.nnFully relaxed and getting my batteries recharged, I can't help feeling that familiar tug in my cutoffs as my trans cock starts growing and demanding attention. Away from the bustle of the city I'm just there with my lithe, sensuous body inspiring me to do all sorts of naughty fun.nnAs I pull my love stick out of my panties my manicured hands slowly begin to stroke and caress. The sun on my golden skin gets me hot and excited, and I rise to all fours. If some sweet stud hiked by he'd be getting a show he'd never forget! My nipples are warm and sensitive, and I give them a friendly tweak. Gosh it feels great to be naked and horny out in the fresh air. I feel like a sexxxy nature girl, and wish I had a nature boy to touch me down where I need it. Wanna play out in the sunshine with your goddess? We don't need anything but our smooth naked bodies rubbing together in the warm sun to make a nice afternoon perfect.nnBut right here, right now I am alone in the soft green grass dreaming of all of you worshipping your golden goddess. I wet my lips and sigh with pleasure as arousal grows and takes over. My hand beats faster and my breathing gets deep and slow. My cock stiffens up and showers me with hot creamy love juice across the soft curves of my gorgeous feminine body. I'm a sweet sticky nature girl, and I hope you love that as much as I do.

Date: October 19, 2018

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