Venux Lux – Venus Lux is Joshua's Dream Date


Venus Lux is Joshua's Dream Date|Joshua is such a fun play buddy, I couldn't wait to share this date with you. He just loves the feel of a sexy trans lover bearing down on him, spreading his legs apart, rubbing a delicious cock against his thick manly crotch. When he couldn't resist diving in and helping himself to a mouthful of my sweet meat, I gave him a hearty SMACK or two across his muscular ass just to remind him who's the boss. He loves it!

As I slapped a hard dick across his face and twiddled his perky little nips his ass got into gear and started to twerk like my own little fuck machine, and one that I was getting warmed up and ready to open up for my own naughty girlish pleasure.

First though, Joshua needed to worship me with his hot sexy mouth around my cock. My balls felt so good tickling his mustache and thick, full lips. Soon he was inching up to plant his mouth on my sensitive little butt, sucking and licking all along the crack, just the way I like. I gave him a little love slap and he was on his knees with ass turned up for me in no time at all!

It felt so hot, tight and slippery in his hungry little hole. I rode him like my own private pony, grabbing around his chin and pulling back like a bareback rider. He groaned and begged "Yes!" for all I could give. I balanced on his hips stuffed in to the hilt, and let him cry out withthe pleasure from my dick pressed against his love button so hard and merciless. It got so intense so fast we both needed a tiny bit of cooldown.

We lapped at each other's crotches and tasted our love juices for a minute, then his legs spread as wide as a Russian gymnast for me to plow in and take him. Pounding hard against his hips, then straight in to the root, I pulled out as his ass started twerking again, and marveled at the wet tingle of his ass hair against me. I had to shoot and FAST! Big gobs of sticky love juice coated his back and butt crack, dribbling down to his loose, swaying nuts. Dream date of his life? I really think it might have been. Till next time we meet, baby…

Date: August 3, 2018

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