Venux Lux – Venus Lux in Bubbles


Imagine your golden goddess swathed in nothing but bubbles, discreetly covering her luscious tits and beautiful trans dick. Well here I am for you to worship, rising fresh and clean out of the bath. Like the goddess of love rising out of the sea, I'm here to bring all your naughtiest fantasies to irresistible life.nnThink you deserve to be alone with your gorgeous goddess? You better earn my attention. I'm not here to entertain you, but to teach you how to worship the goddess of your dreams. Clad in bubbles, earrings and a simple necklace of the word "kiss" I stand before you in all my glory. Pay your tribute and shower me with luxury, and I might let you into my inner sanctum. That's what you want, isn't it, my pathetic baby?nnWant me to stroke my gorgeous cock and get your balls churning? I could do that, if you show me the respect I demand. If you deserve my attention, you'll get a peek into my private little heaven. It's just between us, our little secret. Fantasies don't come cheap, but try me. Shower me with your tribute and do what I command, that's what gets me off. When I get off, you will get to stroke your hot little cock into a frenzy. It's all there under the bubbles, just waiting for you baby.

Date: August 31, 2018

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