Taylor Blake


Home alone with her friends away on vacation, Taylor Blake had the house to herself and was horny as hell. With the front window blinds still open, she pulled her short, jean skirt up and showed her round ass in a thong. She slipped the skirt off then shed her shirt, revealing her perky, small tits as she rubbed her body down and spanked her ass a few times. Kicking the panties off, she climbed up on the couch and spread her trimmed, pink pussy wide open. Just teasing and touching wasn’t getting the job done so she slipped two fingers into her tight, wet pussy. Finger fucking herself felt so good she wanted it deeper, so she got on all fours, put that ass in the air, and fingered herself from behind. Taylor climbed up on the back the couch, anyone walking by outside could look through the window and see her in action, as she rubbed her pussy faster and faster until her entire body flushed pink and she came her brains out!


Date: June 5, 2019

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