Sybil A


Sybil is not the kind of girl you would refer to as shy. This afternoon she was at her apartment complex’s pool taking a swim when she took her bikini off so she could do a little skinny dipping. She was floating around on an air mattress showing off her tight, sexy body when one of her neighbors came in and saw her. She didn’t see him as he pulled his big cock out and started to stroke it while looking at her. When she did see him, she wasn’t angry, she was turned on and started rubbing her pussy while watching him. Mutual masturbation at the pool is fun but not as fun as fucking! She went back to his apartment with him so they could have a little privacy and it was there that he bent her over the couch, ate her pussy from behind then buried his dick deep inside her trimmed, very tight fuck hole. He hammered the petite cutie’s slit until she locked eyes with him and came all over his shaft. Getting on top, she worked up a sweat riding him until she came again, her abs flexing and her body shaking then she let him cum inside her leaving her with a smile on her pretty face and a creampie in her well-fucked pussy.


Date: November 11, 2019

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