Scarlett Fall


When Scarlet Fall saw the guy she is seeing out with another girl, it really pissed her off. Her body is tight, and her jeans are so tight they fit like a second skin. She looks so good she decides if he doesn’t want to fuck her, she’ll take care of things herself. Peeling her jeans off, she bent over and showed that her lacy panties were crotchless. Once she took the bra off to release her small, perky tits and the panties were on the floor, the fit hottie climbed up on the couch, spread her pink, shaved pussy, and teased her clit. She moved around, putting that body on display as she rubbed her pussy in different positions then she took things to a whole new level when she got out the pink vibrator and used it to massage her clit and fuck her pussy. With the toy inside her, she came so hard her toes curled, her abs flexed, and her entire body shook.


Date: December 4, 2019

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