Roxy Ryder


He came home from the military on leave one afternoon to find the house empty with only his hot stepsister Roxy home. Roxy was outside in the pool hanging out in a sexy bikini and was very happy to see him. As the two started talking, Roxy told him about her troubles with guys and how she really wanted a new phone. Trying to convince him, she took her bikini off to show him her perky, pierced tits then she leaned forward, took his cock out, and showed that she might be young, but she knows how to suck cock! Moving to the bedroom, he laid down on the bed and let her get on top, riding that rod while putting her nice ass in his face. She’s fit, has a tight, shaved pussy, and loves to fuck. Rolling around on the bed, they slammed their bodies together in different positions before he put her on her back and fucked her until she came so hard on his cock her amazing abs clinched and her body shook then the cute blonde grabbed his thick cock and jacked him off right into her mouth, draining him dry!


Date: December 4, 2019

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