Paris White


Her night out with her boyfriend had been a bust for Paris White. She had hoped to go out and have fun then come home and get fucked, but her man ended up getting drunk so when they got home, he puked and passed out. Still sexually frustrated, the blonde took her shorts and tube top off so she could rub her trimmed pussy and play with her perky, small tits. Naked, she moved to the couch where she spread out and started teasing her pussy with one hand while using her free hand to squeeze her tits and nipples. Her fingers felt good, but Paris wanted to cum hard, so she got out her pink vibrator and worked her pussy in a few different positions. On her knees, ass in the air, she reached back and toyed her clit until her entire body shook and she came her brains out. Her dumb boyfriend doesn’t even know what he was missing.


Date: June 28, 2019

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