Natalie Porkman


Cosmetology student Natalie was finishing up her schooling by dying this guy’s beard. She told him his beard was going to be dark brown or black and she dyed it blue. He was upset and wanted her to fix it so the petite cutie with short hair decided to calm him down some by rubbing his cock through his shorts. He took the shorts off and Natalie showed him how sorry she was by deepthroated his hard cock. Her sucking his cock was calming him down, but when she took her clothes off and let him eat her tight, shaved pussy, he no longer cared about the beard. He did, however, care about fucking Natalie! Pulling her down on top of him, he teased her tight ass while he fucked her hard and made her moan. She rode him like a cowgirl before letting him hit it from behind. He hammered that pussy until her nipples were hard and her clit was swollen as she came all over his shaft. When he put her on her knees and came on her pretty face, he forgave her for the blue beard.


Date: June 28, 2019

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