Melena Maria


A day of shopping came to an end when the sexy, thin Melena Maria came home with a new pair of shorts, a bra, and some other clothes. Never a shy one, she quickly dropped her dress and stripped naked to try on her new clothes. The shorts were nice and tight, showing off her heart-shaped ass in all its glory and the bra was perfect, showing her nice abs and beautifully cupping her small, pert tits. She tried on a few more things she had purchased and found checking herself out in the mirror had turned her on so much she just pulled her bottoms aside and started rubbing her shaved pussy right there on the couch. Slithering out of the suit, she grabbed her favorite toy, slid it into her tight, smooth pussy, and fucked herself while using her free hand to rub her clit. She came on the toy, licked it clean, then came on her fingers, and licked them clean before laying back on the couch for a little post-orgasm nap.


Date: June 28, 2019

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