Melena Maria


With a very tight, fit body, you only need take one look at Melena Maria to know this girl works out and takes care of herself. She was in the kitchen cutting up some fruit to eat for lunch while wearing a sexy little skirt and crop top outfit when she decided she wanted this lunch to be in the raw while she enjoyed some raw fruits. The top was the first thing to go, setting her small, perky tits free then squeezing some sweet, sticky orange juice over them. When she took her skirt off, she had no panties on and her smooth, shaved pussy looked just as tight as the rest of her body. Peeling a banana, she deepthroated it before pushing the fruit aside, climbing up on the counter top, and rubbing her pussy. Her sweet cookie was wet and throbbing with pleasure as she laid back, put her legs in the air, and rubbed her tender clit until she hit that magic spot and came hard on her fingers. Melena licked her fingers clean, got off the counter, and went back to lunch with a smile on her gorgeous face.


Date: June 5, 2019

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