Kira Thorn – Stacy Bloom


Sizzling hot friends Kira Thorn and Stacy Bloom were in their swimsuits in the park taking pictures of each other’s hot bodies to put on their social media. As the hotties posed and got sexy, they started flirting and teasing. Stacy took things to a new level when she took her bikini off to shoot some pics in the nude then helped Kira out of her suit. Totally naked, the girls took pics and shot videos of each other then they laid a blanket down, Stacy laid back on it, and Kira went down on her, licking that smooth, shaved pussy right there in the park. Stacy returned the favor and licked Kira’s clit while sliding two fingers into her wet pussy to finger fuck her. Rolling around on the blanket, the girls kissed, fingered, and pressed their pussies together so they could scissor. Ending up in a hot 69, the ladies tongue fucked each other, came together, then cuddled on the blanket and kissed. Best trip to the park ever!


Date: December 4, 2019

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