Jenny Wild


Jenny Wild had a tutor over to help her with a couple of classes she had been struggling with. At one point she had to leave the room for a moment and the teacher, thinking he was all alone, went through her bag, pulled out a pair of panties, and sniffed them then whipped his cock out, wrapped them around his shaft, and jerked off with them. Jenny walked in and caught him, but instead of being pissed off, she took the panties off his dick and put her mouth on it. Forget the lesson, this blonde, cute coed wanted to fuck. Both of them quickly got naked and the teacher took charge, bending her over the table so he could fuck her from behind. He fucked her on the table then moved to the couch where she got on top and bounced, her shaved pussy cumming all over his cock as she rode him like a dirty cowgirl. This erotic lesson came to and end when he came in her pussy. This afternoon he gave her a lesson and a creampie.


Date: February 14, 2020

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