Cassie Del Isla


Cassie Del Isla had been hired to do some modeling for a lingerie company. Her tight, fit body complimented their lingerie perfectly, so she looked amazing. Her ass and body were so tight the photographer found himself getting hard. Cassie saw him popping wood in his shorts, took her top off then walked over and unbuttoned his pants so she could wrap her mouth around his hard shaft. He continued to snap pictures as she sucked then he set the camera aside, pulled her panties off, and ate her sweet pussy and ass from behind. Grabbing her by the hips, he drove his big cock into her tight, wet hole, making the hot model’s nipples hard as she began to moan. She took over, getting on top so she could ride and take every inch of his rod in her tight, shaved pussy. The two slammed their bodies together, working up a sweat as the carnal desire took over. When he was ready to burst, this hot model jacked him off right into her mouth. Clearly, she knows how to make a photographer happy!


Date: August 9, 2019

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