Cameron Minx


Blonde, hot college coed Cameron came home from class and was so turned on by this new guy at school she immediately started rubbing her hands all over her body. As she thought about how hot it would be if her crush bent her over and fucked her in class, she pulled her shirt off and played with her small, but very perky tits. Bending over at the waist, she slid her tight shorts off, showing that she had been in class all day with no bra or panties on. Thinking about him had her so worked up she sat on her couch, spread her legs, and rubbed her hairy, but trimmed, pussy. Her fingers weren’t going to get the job done on their own, so the sexy schoolgirl broke out her glass dildo, eased it into her slit, and fucked herself with it while using her free hand to rub her tender clit. Using two hands to fuck and rub herself hard and fast, it didn’t take long before her fantasies of her crush became the realities of a very intense orgasm.


Date: June 5, 2019

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