Bikini Pleasure


Venera was born to wear bikinis and wear them in a sunny, warm, lush climate. She begins this video action, which mirrors the pictorial, by introducing herself at poolside on a bright blue day. She wears a white, extreme bikini studded with rows of pink, sparkly beads and hot pink high heels. Pink is Venera’s favorite color. Her dimensions are amazing.

What is the sound of two boobs clapping? Venera shakes them wildly over the camera, making that familiar slapping sound of big breastflesh slapping together, until one pops out of its bikini top. Venera spins and show her ass, that “tight ass, [her] little, naughty ass,” says Venera with a smile and a mischievous glint in her eyes, spanking it for emphasis. She’s a very skilled model and has limber limbs.

Venera unleashes her tits from their bikini prison and proceeds to swing them from side to side. Being face-pummeled and motorboated by those awesome tits is one of the worthiest goals a boob-man could strive for. Venera says in this video that she loves the sound of slapping breasts. She’s a talkative girl and her English is excellent. Her sexy talking ramps up the boob and pussy play.

Date: August 9, 2020

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