An Angel In The Bedroom


Barbara Angel has a lusty, naughty gleam in her eyes. In her interviews, Barbara laughs and smiles a lot. That horny gleam and cheery personality comes through the camera lens even more when she is enjoying full sex.

Barbara wants to go out and explore the city, hit a few pubs and clubs and then have dinner. Richy wants to fuck and he wants to fuck now. Barbara hasn’t dressed yet. He pulls Barbara to the bed and massages her big boobs from behind. She tries to get him to go out but Richy is persistent. He wants her, now!

Barbara enjoys nipple play. It gets her horny. Her nipples elongate and harden from the pressure of his fingers. Showing her lusty, assertive personality, she pulls off his briefs, smiling as she does it. Her eyes light up like spotlights when she sees his cock.

SCORELAND: Barbara, what makes your sex life better than other people’s?

Barbara: In sex, I am open and I am not ashamed to say what I want and what I don’t want.

SCORELAND: If you could change anything about your sex life, what would it be?

Barbara: I would not change anything. I am satisfied.

SCORELAND: What do you wish you were better at doing sexually?

Barbara: I’d like to be better at oral sex.

Date: August 9, 2020

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