Alyssa Reece


If there is one thing that really turns Alyssa Reece on it is a guy who reads. She was working cleaning houses to put herself through college when she saw one of her clients laying on his bed reading while she cleaned. She got interested in what he was reading, setting down the rag she was cleaning with and crawling up on the bed with him to talk about the book. When she found out it was a romance novel, that piqued her interests. Talk of books turned to flirting turned to Alyssa pulling off her shorts, yanking his pants down, and sucking his cock. Her oral skills are so impressive she had him standing at full attention in minutes. Very horny, she nearly ripped her own shirt and panties off so she could get on top and impale herself on his hard dick. The petite babe’s body shook as she came on his hard shaft. He rolled her over onto the bed so he could fuck her face down, ass up, and make her scream with desire. He worked that pussy with deep, hard thrusts then pulled out and made a hell of a sticky mess all over the cleaning lady’s pretty face, and soft tongue.


Date: June 5, 2019

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