Alina Belle


College coed Alina Belle had been on the job hunt and couldn’t find any job that she either liked or that paid very well. She asked a guy friend of hers if he thought she could be a stripper. He thought she was certainly hot enough but wasn’t sure she really knew how to give a lap dance. Trying to show off her skills, she backed her round ass up onto his lap and started to grind, making him so hard he pulled his dick out of his jeans while he pulled her shirt up and played with her big tits. The dance was forgotten when she wrapped both hands around his shaft and stroked while sucking then deepthroating him. He put her on her back on the couch and slammed his cock into her tight, shaved pussy, thrusting with such force her big tits bounced. When she got on top to ride him, she took every inch of his big dick and came all over it. As he pulled out and blasted his hot load all over pretty face and in her mouth, she knew her lap dance skills were on point and she had found a new career.


Date: December 4, 2019

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